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Writers:  Maybe you've already done a fairy tale project at school. Maybe you write them all the time on your own. Getting them into book form is fun and easy with a Do-It-Yourself Kit (DIY page.) If your club or school wants to do a bunch of fairy tales together, we can do the printing for you! Some even choose to turn their work into a fundraiser. If both of those ideas gets your creative juices flowing, you can be paired with a coordinator to help things go without a hitch!  For well-established or aspiring writers: we don't accept query letters but we do have phone conversations or e-mails with brave souls who have the magical gift of courage to contact us:  602-516-8319 or flipsideinformation@gmail.com

Artists: Illustrating the cover of a book is fun! Choose any size from Tiny Tales, which are 3x5 mini books that can be mailed to a friend because they fit in an envelope; Small Stories, which are 4.5x7 and pamphlet size (under 25 pages ususally); or Chapter Books which have room for seven of your drawings. You can even do a chapter book project with a group of friends or classmates.  The way to get started is with a coordinator, so get in touch with us at 602-516-8319 or flipsideinformation@gmail.com.  Professional artists are welcome to send a link to an online portfolio.

Performers: What is your time availability and preference? Party performances for families and scouting groups pay a flat hourly rate. After school workshops pay hourly and ten percent commission on books ordered. If you're prepared for an educational market, you have to have a current fingerprint clearance card in your home state, or the equivalent. Pay is hourly plus a premium per paying workshop student (if applicable) and commission on books ordered. Only required job skill is being kind to chilren.


To create a custom fairy tale book with your business, school or family, please call 602-516-8319. Leave Message. Client calls are returned very, very promptly.