CERTIFY To Bring Creativity to Your Community

CERTIFY To Bring Creativity to Your Community




In our exciting 3-level certification, you can customize how you get your own creative work out into the world, and help other writers or authors, too!


LEVEL 1:  Community Outreach Coordinator 

  • Get all FSFT products at 50% off
  • Earn 10% commission on book orders from creative projects
  • Interact with kids, teens, and adults at events - up to 20 in a group
  • Customize your presentation to include your own creative flair
  • Choose how often and when you interact with your clients
  • Earn money for kids' college fund, for vacation, or for that new next home purchase
  • Find friends with a passion for writing and drawing in a positive environment

LEVEL 2:  Project Leader

  • Organize complex projects with larger groups (over 20)
  • Earn royalties on stories you have written or illustrated which were accepted for publication
  • Bring enduring values to hilarious life in fairy tales
  • Enjoy discounts on all book and merchandise products
  • Attend award-winning retreats and seminars to hone your own creative skills
  • Organize events for family, school, or civic groups
  • Earn money as often as your schedule allows

LEVEL 3:  Team Manager

  • Find new outlets for creative projects
  • Learn marketing skills for online and in-person book sales
  • Lead a team of motivated, creative, dynamic people in creative outreach
  • Organize a business which will provide steady income
  • Achieve recognition in your field as a writer, artist, or performer
  • Attend exclusive events for FSFT members only
  • Fly like a dragon, learn to breathe fire like a dragon, and never require sleep again!
  • (Just kidding)

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