SMALL STORIES -- Compete for a small publication prize.  Contest open to teens & adults.  For libraries, clubs, schools or other early participants, e-mail  2016 winning covers are pictured above. Follow this LINK to contest forms for this summer (July, August, September.)


Tiny Tales Contests 

TINY TALES -- Jump into a FREE art or writing contest this summer for kids and teens (July, August, September.)  Click the picture to get this year's flyer, entry forms, and printable book kits.


HOST A LOCAL CONTEST just for your school or club to make sure your own artists or writers are recognized within your community.  Local contests are easy and fun, but they do require adult coordination and parent signatures.  Please e-mail us for more information.

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Elementary Schools:  Host a local book production contest that you can turn into a fundraiser!

High Schools:  Host a contest, hold a fundraiser, or even host an art/writing/performing workshop!

Colleges:  Become a hub for local school children and college students by hosting a tournament!

INFORMATION:  e-mail for a complimentary brochure or startup package.

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Scouting and other nonprofit organizations may partner with local service organizations such as Kiwanis to fund a local book project.  You can also collect up entries for the FREE summertime art and writing contests.  Tiny Tales feature ages 4-18.  Small Stories feature ages 14 and up.  Please request information early in the year when inquiring about summer contests:  

Coloring_Contest_button Color one of the pictures for the cover and e-mail your entry to