Young Writers Workshops up to age 12 for online attendance click HERE

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If you'd like to host a workshop for your local area, please fill out this form: LOCAL WORKSHOP

Writers:  You can have a style sheet e-mailed to you. To begin, e-mail flipsideinformation@gmail.com. To preview the type of projects you might work on to become a featured author, click here: Skill Demonstration Projects. Please be aware that for chapter books, ALL authors work under a shared pen name. To have your own work featured with your name, or your pen name, please choose Small Stories.

Artists: Illustrating the cover of a book is fun! Even better, Writer/Artist teams or individuals who can do words and pictures are welcome. To show off your style, please give us a link to your online presence by clicking here: ARTISTS. If you prefer, send a link to an online gallery. E-mail flipsideinformation@gmail.com.  

Performers: What is your time availability and preference? Party performances for families and scouting groups pay a flat hourly rate. After school workshops pay hourly and ten percent commission on books ordered. If you're prepared for an educational market, you have to have a current fingerprint clearance card in your home state, or the equivalent. Pay is hourly plus a premium per paying workshop student (if applicable) and commission on books ordered. Only required job skill is being kind to chilren. Send an interest letter to flipsideinformation@gmail.com.



TO MAKE MONEY: If you love fairy tales and you aren't shy around people, our certification program allows you to earn money doing the creative work you enjoy!  Click to learn more:  Certification.