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Authors share works in progress as they are writing -- just like the serial form stories from the newspapers long ago! You'll get the first version, and see the changes that happen during editing for a complete book. 

Read-A-Thon Fairy Tale

Read-A-Thon Schedule

Big Help Glass slippers and ogres. Troublesome then Thrilling. - January

Smell of Victory Furious battle and fancy perfume. Scary then Satisfying. - February

Just Imagine New desserts and new names. Exasperating then Exciting.- March

Good Neighbors Body odor and bad berries. Embarrassing then Elevating. - April

Glass Hills Feisty horses and golden apples. Exhausting then Exhilarating.- May

Is That All? Crossed eyes and bald head. Confusing then Captivating.- June

Humongous Problems Monsters and siblings. Embarrassing then Endearing. - July

Humongous Adventures Bandit captures and disguised brothers. Dangerous then Delightful. - August

Humongous Ambitions  Long hair and a frightened prince. Aggravation then Accomplishment. - September

Hairless  Bad bargains and sneaky sisters. Hairy then Heroic. - October

Hapless  Fiery sneezes and failed inventions. Humiliated then Honored- - November.

Harmless Accidental kidnappings and watery rescues. Mysterious then Magnificent. - December


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Read-A-Thon A Kid's Science Fiction Story

Sci-Fi Read-A-Thon Schedule

Book One Description. - January

Book Two Description. - February

Book Three Description..- March

Book Four Description.. - April

Book Five Description..- May

Book Six Description..- June

Book Seven Description. - July

Book Eight Description.. - August

Book Nine Description. - September

Book Ten Description.. - October

Book Eleven Description. - November.

Book Twelve Description.- December



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Read-A-Thon Animal Books

Animal Read-A-Thon Schedule

Venemous Finding a lost dog has never been more dangerous. - January

Poisonous Keeping a little sister from straying leads to an unusual discovery. - February

Big and Wet Loosing homework in the middle of the night makes for sloppy answers.- March

Big and Dry Weeping over ruined desserts allows mom to finally have a nap. - April

Carnivore Pouches Bouncing off the walls means finding a lost secret.- May

Herbivore Pouches Sticking straws in slushies brings dramatic noises.- June

Nocturnal Air Playing with friends flings fireworks into the fizzle zone - July

Daytime Air Hiding from older siblings drops silly sentences into silent hollows. - August

Clutches of Eggs Seeking a wandering grandparent injures one but saves all. - September

Live Birth Destroying trash but discovering sensational news brings problems. - October

Domestic Dogs Sucking floodwater from a basemet reveals revolting rot. - November.

Feral Dogs Blowing.snow from a sidewalk sends serious shivers. - December



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