DIY Tiny Tale for Artists

DIY Tiny Tale for Artists

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Kids who love art get a chance to illustrate a story. Maybe it's from another century. Maybe it's from last year's contest. Either way, great art makes the story better. Tiny Tales kits give you the chance to get your drawings front and center!

Use your kit for any kind of book in the world, not just a fairy tale.  If you have a pair of scissors and a copier, you're set to go!

Each Kit Contains:  

  • A Tiny Tales sample story
  • Templates for Drawings
  • Flip Side Fairy Tales Pencil.
  • Application Form for Yearly Contest July—September
  • Instructions for Any Type of Book
  • Instructions for Fairy Tales Submissions
  • Instructions for Having us Make Your Book Professionally

​All the fun?  Well, that's up to you!

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