Smell of Victory

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Getting kidnapped by ogre children ruins Cinderella and Prince Edward's romantic plans for their sixth anniversary.  When a stray wish attaches a large    sausage to Cinderella's nose, and the royal family has to stop a war between ogre clans, they both wish that wishes had  never been invented.  If any royal couple can get over their own quarrels and stop a war at the same time, it's this one, though.  Can all their problems work themselves out with the right combination of perfume, a kite, a shadow and the stroke of midnight?  Will Cinderella and her prince ever make it home to their little children?  Only if they're "saved by the smell."

Extra Wishes Trilogy 

Flip Side Fairy Tales

100 pages

ages 8-12

Retail Price per book $5.95.  

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