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Any girl with three horrible traits can live happily ever after.  Three, yes.  Not four, though.  First, Imogene has the most famous parents in the world:  Cinderella and Prince Edward.  Second, she has obnoxious brothers.  Third, she plays bassoon.  Fourth, her nickname is “Icky.”  The first three things can’t change.  So she comes up with a plan to change her name and change her fate - using a stale wish.  Living in a family where wishes come true in unpredictable ways, Imogene knows she must phrase it carefully.  Can she make a success out of a coronation day that suddenly runs out of control with too many animals, a silent king and angry brothers? 

Extra Wishes Trilogy 

Flip Side Fairy Tales

100 pages

ages 8-12

Retail Price per book $5.95.  

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