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He's sad to be so smelly, discouraged to be so dumb, and miserable being mocked by his brothers. Even a good-looking, hard-working guy can hope for  a chance in life, can't he?  Not Todd. It seems like his brothers have so many of their own plans, he'll always be doing their chores, and helping them achieve their dreams. To make matters worse, the family keeps losing their crops in a single night each summer. Who can figure it all out? Todd finds a key. He tames a huge horse. A strange man named Zanzibar takes him to visit a mysterious kingdom. Best of all, Todd makes friends with the most beautiful princess in the world. Todd changes  everyone's fortunes with nothing but hard work, a cheerful attitude -- and, oh yes, more regular baths. 

Glass Hills Trilogy 

Flip Side Fairy Tales

100 pages

ages 8-12

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