Humongous Ambitions

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At the school for royal princesses in the land of Humongous, the main attraction for most of the girls is Handsome Hank, the wealthiest prince on the continent.  For one extremely long-haired princess, Mildred of Meadowhaven (going by a nickname of Trippy,) the best inventors in the land are far more important.  As she runs short of cash, Mildred finds a job washing windows at the prince's tower.  With a dramatic rescue, a triple-win in a competition, and proposals from two princes, Mildred is perched on the edge of two different types of happily-ever-after.  Will the deciding factor be a gorilla?

Inventive Trilogy 

Flip Side Fairy Tales

100 pages

ages 8-12

Retail Price per book $5.95.  

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