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Benjamin and Bonnie of Blessandor, fire-breathing twins, visit their best friends at the seaside:  the sergons Twitch and Tickle.  Half sea serpent and half dragon but destined to be one or the other, it's the summer each sergon much choose how to spend the rest of their lives.  With two not-so-real kidnappings, and two dangerously real kidnappings, the best friends are all caught up in a night that could bring war between nations and even between species.  Benjamin and Bonnie save their own dad, Prince Baldric of Blessandor.  But will the anyone be in time to save the sergons from the villains who want to exploit them for hunting? 

Fire Breather Trilogy 

Flip Side Fairy Tales

100 pages

ages 8-12

Retail Price per book $5.95.  

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