Tiny Tales Set of 12 For Writers

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Get your students or club members excited about creativity! Finished size of each book is 3x5 -- perfect for mailing to a friend in a normal sized envelope! Full set of 12 is 3x5x1.

Artists:  Each month of the year has a different fairy tale in a little book for you to read.  Decide what part of the story would make a great picture for you to draw, and add your drawing directly to your booklet by using a copier or printer to shrink it down and tape it on.  If you're a bold artist, you can also send your story to the summertime art contest.  If you win, your book will be professionally printed, and you'll get a copy!  Check the contests page in July, August, and September to get entry forms and instructions.

Writers: You can work on whatever writing prompt you like best, or make one up of your own.  The little booklets allow you to write directly on the pages, or you can wait for July and submit your story to the yearly writing contest.  From 500 words up to 2,000 words fit best in the Tiny Tales size of book.  Be sure to check the contest page every July for entry forms and full instructions.

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